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Makuta Raximoras by Lol-Pretzel Makuta Raximoras :iconlol-pretzel:Lol-Pretzel 67 8 Eruei! by Lol-Pretzel Eruei! :iconlol-pretzel:Lol-Pretzel 49 4 Tavryn by Lol-Pretzel Tavryn :iconlol-pretzel:Lol-Pretzel 8 2 Red Rock Crab by Lol-Pretzel Red Rock Crab :iconlol-pretzel:Lol-Pretzel 112 18 Throg, Temple Guardian by Lol-Pretzel Throg, Temple Guardian :iconlol-pretzel:Lol-Pretzel 89 2 Harren Kaleon by Lol-Pretzel Harren Kaleon :iconlol-pretzel:Lol-Pretzel 9 0 Orabmar by Lol-Pretzel Orabmar :iconlol-pretzel:Lol-Pretzel 38 2 Xalos by Lol-Pretzel Xalos :iconlol-pretzel:Lol-Pretzel 50 3 Gimlas by Lol-Pretzel Gimlas :iconlol-pretzel:Lol-Pretzel 56 7 Eki the Shadow Matoran by Lol-Pretzel Eki the Shadow Matoran :iconlol-pretzel:Lol-Pretzel 76 7 Atar by Lol-Pretzel Atar :iconlol-pretzel:Lol-Pretzel 136 16 The Gavohkah by Lol-Pretzel The Gavohkah :iconlol-pretzel:Lol-Pretzel 182 27 The Shadow Approaches by Lol-Pretzel The Shadow Approaches :iconlol-pretzel:Lol-Pretzel 41 7
Explaining the Hexarc
I've been working on the idea of The Hexarc for several years, but never really explained it.
This is the philosophy started by Mata-Nui and his elemental council on the Holy Island of Korrothis in the early years of the Matoran Universe. The elements can be expressed as a wheel with six spokes, with one half in light and the other in shadow. Light and Shadow are opposites. The prime arcs of; Air and Earth, Fire and Ice, Stone and Water are also seen as opposites. These opposites balance each other out, and it is the Duty of all Mata-Nui’s faithful to do what they must to make sure the elements stay in balance.
Another layer is added to this in the form of the Aspects of Creation, which give worshippers goals to pursue in life, such as understanding others and the creation of new things.
The Prime Elements themselves (Air, Fire, Stone, Earth, Ice and Water) arise from The Weave, a complex matrix built into the Matoran Universe by the great beings to help regulate its internal bio
:iconlol-pretzel:Lol-Pretzel 15 10
Protector Kaita Onutapo by Lol-Pretzel Protector Kaita Onutapo :iconlol-pretzel:Lol-Pretzel 24 0 Protector Kaita Bokoga by Lol-Pretzel Protector Kaita Bokoga :iconlol-pretzel:Lol-Pretzel 64 3


Lego ARMS - Mechanica by Djokson Lego ARMS - Mechanica :icondjokson:Djokson 98 4 Death Knight Orion by Alieraah Death Knight Orion :iconalieraah:Alieraah 71 4 Freya, Toa of Crystal by Llortor Freya, Toa of Crystal :iconllortor:Llortor 29 3 Toa Botora First Prints by PunkDrunk-182 Toa Botora First Prints :iconpunkdrunk-182:PunkDrunk-182 3 0 Kanohi Bozok by PunkDrunk-182 Kanohi Bozok :iconpunkdrunk-182:PunkDrunk-182 5 0 Kanohi Kaai by PunkDrunk-182 Kanohi Kaai :iconpunkdrunk-182:PunkDrunk-182 5 0 Kanohi Ohlek by PunkDrunk-182 Kanohi Ohlek :iconpunkdrunk-182:PunkDrunk-182 4 2 Kanohi Alkon by PunkDrunk-182 Kanohi Alkon :iconpunkdrunk-182:PunkDrunk-182 6 0 Kanohi Edohak by PunkDrunk-182 Kanohi Edohak :iconpunkdrunk-182:PunkDrunk-182 6 0 Kanohi Valati by PunkDrunk-182 Kanohi Valati :iconpunkdrunk-182:PunkDrunk-182 5 0 Toa Exota Masks by PunkDrunk-182 Toa Exota Masks :iconpunkdrunk-182:PunkDrunk-182 12 0 Light Sider by aimo Light Sider :iconaimo:aimo 870 85 Ekimu Corrupted by CrunchbiteNuva Ekimu Corrupted :iconcrunchbitenuva:CrunchbiteNuva 183 7 Wairuha, Uniter Of Storms by Demitsorou Wairuha, Uniter Of Storms :icondemitsorou:Demitsorou 103 7 Ekimu: Master of Creation by SEDVR Ekimu: Master of Creation :iconsedvr:SEDVR 123 10 Byokaya ex Dekoto by MorbidFlambeSteak Byokaya ex Dekoto :iconmorbidflambesteak:MorbidFlambeSteak 8 0


Makuta Raximoras
As chief artificer of the Brotherhood of Makuta, Raximoras built fortresses, weapons, robots and armour for his brethren. He was renowned throughout the Matoran Universe - but, when he was bested by seemingly simple matoran crafters, he was humbled.

Full backstory and stuff over on the TTV Messageboards!
Red Rock Crab
A little WIP I've had going for a while. She uses a few odd parts, including an old school technic chair and a set of minifig horse reins.
She is loosely based on the Christmas Island Red Crab.
More shots and such here!

Brings me back to those nostalgic days of brittle joints and blaster gimmicks


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Ether-Enereon Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Did Llortor just get banned or something? Man, everyone's just disappearing these days D=
Lol-Pretzel Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2016
I think he left the site. He was having a hard time dealing with some of the characters here on DA.
Ether-Enereon Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Did he post his stuff elsewhere? I'm not really on a lot of other art websites ^^;
Lol-Pretzel Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2016
If he did I don't know about them. Google might help you.
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santawithsponge Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2016
Llortor's gone... I can't even articulate on how to process the situation...
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Thanks so much for watching :la:
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NemusHD Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2015

I ask of you a favor
please Helps with my self moc (critic wise)
I am very new to mocing so i kinda need help getting all those mistakes out

Lol-Pretzel Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2015
I don't have "CORE" though, so I can't give an official critique, but I'll give him/her/it a look. :)
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