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Explaining the Hexarc
I've been working on the idea of The Hexarc for several years, but never really explained it.
This is the philosophy started by Mata-Nui and his elemental council on the Holy Island of Korrothis in the early years of the Matoran Universe. The elements can be expressed as a wheel with six spokes, with one half in light and the other in shadow. Light and Shadow are opposites. The prime arcs of; Air and Earth, Fire and Ice, Stone and Water are also seen as opposites. These opposites balance each other out, and it is the Duty of all Mata-Nui’s faithful to do what they must to make sure the elements stay in balance.
Another layer is added to this in the form of the Aspects of Creation, which give worshippers goals to pursue in life, such as understanding others and the creation of new things.
The Prime Elements themselves (Air, Fire, Stone, Earth, Ice and Water) arise from The Weave, a complex matrix built into the Matoran Universe by the great beings to help regulate its internal bio
:iconlol-pretzel:Lol-Pretzel 14 10
Protector Kaita Onutapo :iconlol-pretzel:Lol-Pretzel 24 0 Protector Kaita Bokoga :iconlol-pretzel:Lol-Pretzel 64 3 Tynne :iconlol-pretzel:Lol-Pretzel 155 17


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Brings me back to those nostalgic days of brittle joints and blaster gimmicks


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