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Harren Kaleon by Lol-Pretzel Harren Kaleon by Lol-Pretzel
:iconalieraah: drew Harren again! :D
This one's kinda halfway between how she appears in the Cyclic Plane storyline and in Champions Online a few years ago.

Harren is Akonian, a species descended from the hundred or so colonists that arrived in the e'Lekaia system from Spherus Magna millenia ago. She defends her coastal village home with powers derived down the bloodline from the Toa heroes of old.

Harren is able to absorb water under her skin and redirect it as supercooled mist from her hands, helped by a little hydrokinesis. Her natural ability to absorb infrared radiation is enhanced by the ability to drain nearly all energy from the water she absorbs. Because of that she can basically freeze herself, resist damage, and do all sorts of icy moves. Nowhere close to the level of control a toa of ice or water would have though.
She is constantly glowing with blue-white light derived from the excess energy she absorbs, but still tends to take in a bit too much. Which is why dem thighs are a thing, probably. :v

She's wearing a suit of adaptive armour sort of like the Toa Nuva wore. It's able to warp and shift depending on her environment and the task at hand.
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May 9, 2016
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