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November 30, 2013
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Jarrokh by Lol-Pretzel Jarrokh by Lol-Pretzel
A vicious and deadly rahi created from a very strange melting pot of inspiration, including Pokemon's Mewtwo, BIONICLE's Muaka, A. E. Van Vogt's Coeurl (and by extension the Displacer Beast) and the Kettenkrad. Like the Coeurl, Jarrokh can consume the "Id" of its victims, though in its case this takes the form of elemental energy from toa and the like, along with a hefty dose of arsenic poisoning.

Jarrokh would have been an entry for Toa Phosphorus' Elemental Bionicles Contest 2013 had the build not become so large, complicated and time consuming. His element is Arsenic, hence the colouration, including the pink eyes! My thinking was along the lines of classic Arsenic poisoning cases, where it's always done by someone the victim trusts, and would never suspect... while everyone shouts "The Butler did it!" the sweet and innocent housecat is the real culprit. Of course, Jarrokh here is more like a panther than a housecat, highly intelligent, and a powerful Dark Hunter. 

I wanted something similar to the other existing feline rahi like the Muaka and the Shallows Cat, which only led to finding these other disparate sources of inspiration. The build features a transformable lower section to switch between feline (by BIONICLE standards) and humanoid modes, petrol engine-like greebles like on the Kettenkrad and long, sinuous tentacles and tail like on the Displacer Beast and Mewtwo.

This picture by `arvalis was the reasoning behind the tubes wrapping around the tentacles and tail as well as a fair bit of the shaping around the torso and head.

The full backstory and more photos can be found on the original post on MOCpages! :)

Alas, Jarrokh's shape didn't lend well to making a good looking deviation this time around. Ah well. :/
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3rdeye88 Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice Job Gringat. I can definitely see that MewTwo reference in there. Those lower legs seem starkly simple compared to the rest of the MOC but I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. They look really cool despite the simplicity. And after seeing how it rolls on the tracks in its other form it adds that level of functionality.  Interesting tibit, Mototaur's first form had caterpillar tracks instead of wheels, but he out grew them so to speak. Those additional photos really lend to a better appreciation of why the lower legs are like that.

I don't know why you say the Deviation looks bad. I disagree I just think you spaced the photos too close together. It makes it a little confusing of which part belongs to which version. DA's size restriction is pretty high so I also don't know why you didn't make it bigger or add more photos. Just didn't have the time?
I just didn't have very good photos to use. Due to Jarrokh's general shape it was hard to get decent angles to show off the build and I wasn't really at liberty to take any better ones since I'm currently miles away from my MOCs. Ideally I would have wanted three images side by side as normal, but getting his rahi form in there as well made that tricky.
3rdeye88 Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I have a bit of a formula for my photo taking. I do at least four pictures, Front side, back, other side(if asymmetrical, that side, if symmetrical then with the arm raised for better view of the torso). Then at least one action shot for the main photo, and then details and additional action shots where applicable.

If you've noticed the amount of photos I take directly correlates with A, the size of the MOC, and B, its features. Bionicle MOC: Snip by 3rdeye88 Snip is a dinky little MOC that doesn't do anything so there's 5 pictures. My standard four and a larger "main" picture so its not so boring.

Bionicle MOC: The Innenrrad by 3rdeye88 The Innenrrad has a crap ton of features and its a large MOC so its got quite a few photos mixed in with Two Main.

One thing I see a lot in other MOCer's photos, and I've probably been guilty of this myself at times is redundant photos. Someone takes a photo of one angle then of another and both serve the same purpose.……   and… I kinda think these are a bit redundant. That's just my opinion, but what does one serve that the other doesn't already cover? I think with Jarrokh I would have done front back side and side on both forms since he transforms. Then some posability shots in his human form. You kinda have three pictures of him standing around doing nothing really. I'm no expert on this but my advice is "Standardize your photo process." That's what I've done or at least tried to do. When I start the photo process I automatically start in the same place, the four pictures. Then I plan out what other shots are needed. And sometimes I make it up on the spot. Sometimes I sit down at the computer and realize I need an extra pic just to fill in the layout and go snap something else.

We get to see our MOCs in 3D and move and all the various angles since we can hold and tilt them. Our viewers don't get that luxury. So more photos always help. I've gotten proficient with PDN enough that a pretty standard layout with about 10 images takes me maybe an hour to edit together. And that's using a pretty lame editer that doesn't have lots of fancy tools like actual photoediting software has. So to say its time consuming is an excuse I don't buy. To your credit though I've never though your edits had any problems just that some of the photos don't always seem necessary. Looking back it seems more like your edits are advertisements for your MOCs rather than showing them off in their entirety here. I just think that sense you're taking the time to do a collage with all the names and symbols and what not, why not add those additional photos?
Well, that's the point, isn't it? They are advertisements. I always have the link to MOCpages and I barely ever elaborate on the build process and storyline here on DA - DA is for pretty pictures, whereas MOCpages is almost a blog really. I've done something almost unheard of on this picture, because I included a backshot - something I hardly ever do. This kind of image is more of a poster than anything else, and I tend to want to go for the illusion of having multiple instances of the MOC standing side by side - something several people have actually fallen for in the past. :P

Jarrokh's photo process wasn't ideal. The transforming legs work well as tracks, but as legs there's a snag: his knees hinge on blue pins. Not the most stable, and in retrospect I really should have used some old fashioned black ones, but I didn't, and don't have the chance now to go and fix that error. He's standing around because that's pretty much the only standing pose he can do.
MegaDK12 Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
great moc!
those snake like limbs coming from the back reminds me of the snamke things in the darkness games
TheAxelandx1 Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i love how the years are attached to that nuva shoulder armor,very clever indeed
certifiedninja00 Nov 30, 2013  Student General Artist
This may just be my favorite MOC ever. The animal elements in this really made my jaw drop when I first saw it. :)
Brickins7 Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I like the use of the treads, it brings back nostalgiousness from the old years. I can see the inspiration source very clearly, especially from Mewtwo.
Those threads are genious.  <3
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