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May 13, 2011
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"I thought Soleku and Gringat were granted the ability to have a child.
If it's not too much trouble to you, could you explain the basics of your storyline, in chronological order? It gets a little confusing."

Both Soleku and Gringat's characteristics have changed a fair bit. They have a fling, but it's short-lived. She goes with Delnok, and Gringat meets Tyn in the Destiny War. Soleku herself has been a problematic character since she was devised -dangerous and also quite un-canon when it came to the elements and all.

First off, Earth, in the future. The BIONICLE movement begins. A group of humans leave Earth to pursue unsound scientific practices. They engineer a planet system called Drakus-263 well away from the planet to do research, transforming the moons and eventually even the gas giant they orbit into habitable worlds. The weave of elements is devised and implemented to control the planet system. Chronodermis and then Protodermis is created, filling whole moons. They discover ways to use the system to grant them immortality. They are the Great Beings.
A nearby star system with the space is then engineered. This is Spherus Magna. Technology developed around Drakus is used to fabricate Mata-Nui and the element system is ingrained deeply in him. Makuta are devised to run through this system.
During the time to the construction of the M.U, one of the lead Great Beings, named Ezru, who was one of the chief beings in research of the immortality weave, is brought before the high court, and found guilty of many crimes. Before his execution, he leaves a glyph in the shadowcaverns of the Matoran Universe which would reassimilate him later. However, he is unable to activate the glyph using an Array on Drakus' planet before he is killed.
Spherus Magna splits. The great beings there die as the elemental weave system ingrained in the planet fails.
The Weavelords is started by a young Mata-Nui in communion with the beings within him. Controlling and regulating the elements taxes him. Comissioned are members of many different races - Makuta, matoran, Xians, skakdi, Steltians. After a while, he begins to take no notice of the goings on within him. Meanwhile, Drakus is attacked by a mysterious alien race and the beings there are wiped out.
Over time, various different lords replace others. The traditional MU storyline develops, but with a few inclusions. First off, the shadowcaverns. These are the infrastructure of tubes and tunnels within Mata-Nui's robotic body, not just the biospheres within him. Subterranean species lurk them, leading a very different life. Also present are the islands of Poliaz, and Korrothis, between the North and South continents. Poliaz is owned by a turaga of the same name. Korrothis is the long-held home of the Weave-lords. Beneath Korrothis is a device created by the great beings known as a starforge - a machine capable of manipulation of the tiniest particles of matter and able to control parts of the elemental weave. Reglas, the Earthlord, becomes proficient in its use. He uses it to create toa based on various chemical elements, among other things.
On Poliaz, the island's two toa are destroyed. A movement is put forth by the island's leaders to form a new toa team - the Toa Vanembar. Its members are Gringat, Soleku, Gratigan, Xalos, Orabmar, Kana and Abarium. Over the next 3000 years or so, the team dies off. Abarium, Gratigan, Kana and Orabmar all die before the reformation of Spherus Magna. Xalos, the leader, finds Ezru's glyph, and it grants him power over the Spirit element - one Ezru created which was omitted from the Weave.
Gringat and Xalos are recruited by the Weavelords to replace the dead ice and air lords. Tempesta Caelestis is enveloping the land. Many ko and le matoran are dying. They restore the weave. It is also around this time that the BoM and the LoK cease to be allies.
Korrothis is rigged to fly around the Matoran universe in order to survey it all. Gringat uses the power of the weave and a new device called a chronodermic engine to do this. These engines are originally used on a ship called The Tomorrow, which exits the Matoran Universe in search of Spherus Magna. The land left by Korrothis is the Isle of Thorns, which is populated by matoran from many different islands.
Then, the Destiny War happens. The Light and Shadow lords, being makuta, are killed by Teridax's genocide. Korrothis is rigged for spaceflight and exits the Matoran Universe, following the Mask of Life. It crashes on Bara Magna, but Teridax is weakened by having to regulate the weave within him on his own. This is one of the factors leading to his defeat by Mata-Nui. Before exiting, Lord Delnok and Soleku violently oppose Gringat's idea for escape. They fall to their deaths from Korrothis into a horde of Rahkshi. Gringat never forgives himself.
Meanwhile, on Bara Magna, the skrall split. The traditionalists stay in Roxtus under Lord Amul, but many more follow a prophet named Ekkibarus. He is contacted by Teridax and believes the makuta to be a god. The followers of Teridax are brutal.
They are defeated by a band of (mainly) glatorian which include Kira, Ronin, Telzira, Rames, Jibs, Fenrir and some others. The village of Drachen's Hope is also founded. This village plays a major role in Spherus Magna II's history.
On a new Spherus Magna, Mata-Nui grants the matoran race the ability to procreate via kaitagenesis. This is nowhere near as fun as the method used by the agori and glatorian species, but allows binding with non-matoran species. Among the first to be created by this method is Tanggri.
Also mourned and/or celebrated are the deaths of Helryx, Karzahni, Tren Krom, Soleku and Delnok among many others. Artakha reveals himself to the populace.
Drachen's Hope, all of the glatorian villages and a new settlement called Bazryhgan (which forms around Korrothis) become cities. Over the next 150 years there are many bloody wars between the different species. The Zyglak and Ja'kat are wiped out entirely. The Ak-matoran leave the shell of Mata-Nui/Teridax to live on the surface. The Knights of Spherus Magna form, recruiting many toa and glatorian. Tanggri becomes leader. The Brotherhood of Korrothis also forms, consisting of the council of elemental lords, the archons, and all of its many lay members. We also begin to see hybrids of Matoran and glatorian and/or agori.
The vauts beneath Drachen's Hope are explored and many ancient items found within, including the Decipherers, and another star forge, used by Decipherer-7.It is decided that a colony shall be sent to it. Korrothis is used as the vessel to carry the settlers to the star, led by Gringat. Iruni is elected in his place. The trip takes them 733 years.
In this 733 years, the Ignika explodes due to the use it is given by Mata-Nui. He dies, as does anyone tied with his soul - every single matoran created within the Matoran Universe. There are some exceptions, like the elemental lords, which are tied to Spherus Magna's weave, but over 99% of Spherus Magna's G1 matoran, skakdi, xians, steltians, etc die of something called the Soulplague. What's more, the rest become mortal. The Dark Hunters is overtaken by a mysterious Toa of Gravity, and the KoSM become central to the running of the Matoran lands. Elements mix. Mages start to come into being, having numerous elements and using abilities combined from many. The study of Kanohology and Weavology also develops, mainly in Atero. The KoSM stamp this down as being harmful to the tenets of Weavism.
Unrest between the knights and scholars grows until it amounts to an even called the War of the Weave. Tanggri's younger brother, Nilmador, leads a resistance group called the Druids which is based in Bota Magna. A second circle of weavelords forms there. After 4 years' conflict, the druids win. A new order is established and Nilmador becomes the first of the Turaga Kings.
New dangers encroach. Werewolves populate the southern depths of Bota Magna. Under the banner of a strange being called "The Neverending Night", waves of them attack the matoran lands. The city of Tajun is sacked and overtaken during the war, but again, the matoran prevail.
Sometime after this, contact is made between Bazryghan and the new colony on Drakus. The message is from Gringat, announcing the progress of the voyage. It is ancient, having taken centuries to arrive at Spherus Magna. Over time, the messages become more and more unsettling until a new voice is heard. This is the last message.
Drakus. Its planet system with its 17 moons is restored as the weavelords enter it. The matoran, glatorian and agori are, like on Spherus Magna, interbreeding. Also on the colony are a couple of werewolves. The first centuries of the colony consist of Gringat heading exploration of the new worlds. He revels in the massive atmosphere of the main planet which is dubbed "Atmos Magna" or "Great Sky". To colonise, the interbreeding of the different races is faster, and a race called the Akonians is born. They more closely resemble the humans their DNA was originally taken from by the Great Beings, with actual skin, for one thing. Also featured on an akonian is bioluminescence, clearish skin and even clear fat deposits beneath. They are still ingrained with biomechanical parts, but they are far more complex than those of their ancestors. They also don't live as long - 3 times as long as we do. Chronodermis is mined from the moons to power their technology.
An alien race called Spheroids discovers the Drakus system some 5 years after its recolonisation. They are attracted by radio waves given off by the planet's communications. They offer to serve the colonists, as they do with any race they come into contact with.  Orbis Minor is converted into a spheroid systemic world.
Exploring the ruins of the Great Beings' cities, Xalos stumbled across Ezru's Array. His arm flares and Ezru awakes, taking over Xalos' body. Gringat, attempting to help Xalos, is pulled apart by Ezru's spirit powers and killed. Almost. His and Xalos' death cause Tempesta Caelestis to envelop Atmos Magna  - the biggest weave storm ever. And it never stops. Gringat's soul breaks away, giving rise to the gaseous, malignant Cyclonoid species. These, and the icy storms, make Atmos inhospitable on the surface. The akonians diverge; the moons' races on one side and the subterranean on the other, living in a series of underground vaults. Ezru abandons them and takes over the moons - notably Polis Minor - and rules them. He creates seventeen "children", each to look over a moon and report to him. He himself goes to Alpha Minor, and resides there.
Later, Ezru seeks to remove the storms from Atmos Magna, which is now unanimously called Tempesta Magna. Failing spectacularly, the immortal is instead trapped within Tempesta Magna's immense core, unconscious. Chronodermis and Protodermis in the mantle mutate him. Time, however, stretches on.
Independent and cut off from Spherus Magna, Tempesta Caelestis advances along its own pathways. Polis Minor becomes the capital of the system, and great chronodermis mining stations erupt on Cyro and Vitro Magna. Vitro Magna, however, becomes the site of a major uprising. Lady Vermiru, its overseer, is killed. The miners succumb to Deathsteel poisoning, which affects the whole moon as the unstable chronodermic ore in the crust degenerates. Sampa Magna also becomes the site of many wars between the akonians, hynaks (which have lycanthropic blood mixed in) and the khraken. 50 or so years after these end, Ezru resurfaces in the vaults of Tempesta Magna.
At the same time, a rogue tokia captain called Callidan begins orchestrating a grand plan to take over the caelestis. Using the hynaks, khraken and even some spheroids as allies, he begins with Sampa Magna...
He asked.

I needed to write an overview down.

I didn't add anything about the main bulk of the Bara Magna storyline, Bota Magna is barely mentioned, The BIA is barely mentionedm, the Toa Virulae is barely mentioned and Necra magna isn't either. Those are minor storylines compared to this big one which encompasses EVERYTHING to do with most of my storylines. Even my non-bionicle ones fit here.
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Pahrak-Kal Feb 9, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
The most complicated and hardest to understand Storyline I ever saw. Ever.
Looking at this, I must say, This has inspired me to actually go and read the bios on your MOCpages. BTW, I know you're busy with the Bio Cup Final Round,(By the way, I really hope you win, no offense to your opponents, but I have been thougroughly impressed by all your entries.) but wil there ever be an update to Nivorn, or even a M.O.C representation of the other elemental lords.
That has always been the plan. Sadly it seems unlikely now.
Why? Is anything in particular getting in the way of that?(just curious)
Uni. I've less than 2 weeks to go, now.
Unleashed-Fear Jun 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
That was... long. :iconlongplz:
DarkCrusader12 Jan 10, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Ah, I have been looking for this for sometime now. This fills in so many gaps I didn't understand :D
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