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:iconvox22: wants to know about Tynne!
And :icongoldenarpeggio: wants to know about MATRIARCH AND Tolus! Greedy :o
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand :iconmonarth: wants to know about Gringat :V

1. Post 8 facts about your character.
2. Tag 8 other Characters.
3. Post their names along with their creator's avatars

Tynne by Lol-Pretzel

As a character, Tynne started off as an NPC in a Bionicle RPG I ran on MOCpages way back when, set in the Cyclic Plane Universe. She's a matoran of lightning who was just a waitress at a tiny little inn on the Isle of Thorns, but she ended up being pretty important.

2. Tynne was crushed under a collapsing bridge as a matoran and never really managed to heal. Her nervous system was damaged and it became difficult to use her legs. While over a long time she learned to grin and bear it, nobody she knew could fix it (and by this time Karzahni had been all but forgotten).

3. Undergoing a long and painful journey to Korrothis, Tynne found that the holy island of legends was gone! In its place was just this thorny sandbank of an island. With nowhere else to go, she settled down in the little town that was growing on the island and waited with the other matoran, hoping Korrothis would return.

4. Despite being in constant pain and having a pretty sparse existence on the Isle of Thorns, Tynne was one of those matoran who'd always go out of their way to help other people through their troubles, even if they were relatively minor in comparison. She didn't like paying attention to her own limitations and often ended up crashing after ignoring it for too long. 

5. When her home was threatened by Ja'kat raiders from the Shadowcaverns below the Matoran Universe, Tynne actually helped take up the fight against them. When Toa Puhana died down there, she transferred her Toa Energy to Tynne, who transformed into a toa, herself. That sacrifice let her move freely once again and use her mask of Sensory Aptitude to guide a group of matoran back to the surface through a massive warren of tunnels and traps in enemy territory. 

6. Tynne and Gringat had an interesting relationship for a long time, but it didn't go anywhere quickly because both of them were bound by their Duty on different(ish) islands. For Tynne, this was defending the Isle of Thorns and all those matoran who arrived there waiting for Korrothis to return again. She took this duty very seriously, even turning down a chance at becoming an archon (elite toa) of Korrothis.

7. Much, much later, when Spherus Magna reformed and all that lovely stuff, Tynne and Gringat found that life had brought them together after all. They had two children, Elithra and Nilmador. She also traveled with Gringat on a colonisation/exploration mission to a newly rediscovered Great Being world known as Atmos Magna, but it's unknown what happened to her since.

8. As a character she's kinda based off a D&D character of mine called Kythalea, who was a paladin with similar vows to guard a small island settlement and a similar sort of colour scheme with her armour and all. Tynne uses the violet colour from the 2002 Technic Jango Fett set as a secondary. She's also the first MOC I ever made a Bricklink order to complete. 

...iiiiiis not really a very fleshed out character. :v 
will work on this later

Gringat too

Lord Tolus by Lol-Pretzel
1. Tolus is a member of Ehlek's species.

2. He's travelled across much of the Matoran Universe, first as part of Ehlek's army during the age of the League of Six Kingdoms, then later as a member of the Elemental Council of Korrothis.

3. Tolus is the longest-serving elemental lord in history. The first lords of Light and Shadow, Balin and Nivorn, came close but were killed by Teridax after he took over the Matoran Universe.

4. He has a soft spot for rahi and his sunken palace is filled with creatures from all over the Matoran Universe and Aqua Magna that he has rescued and then kept as pets. 

5. Tolus was attacked by Amphibax after he deserted Ehlek's army. He never truly healed, and always had an unnerving, watery cough since.

6. Tolus lived in the Great Temple in Ga-Metru for a while, and worked as an acolyte, but he wasn't very much trusted by the matoran because of his species and his history in Ehlek's army. The League weren't kind to matoran.

7. Tolus was possibly the most powerful being in the entire Matoran Universe, largely because his power did not all come from the Matoran Universe. He had a connection to the entire ocean of Aqua Magna, and could call upon its power if he wanted. Since his duty was to the Matoran Universe and the beings within it though, he never truly tapped this power until the Great Cataclysm, when the two were exposed to each other. He prevented the Southern Continent from flooding by sheer willpower until others were able to put dams and seals in place. 

8. As far as the Cyclic Plane goes, Tolus is one of my absolute favourite characters. Moreso than Gringat, even. 

Gringat is tired now. Go bother somebody else. :iconmaiqtheliarplz:
Vox22 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2016
Thanks for sharing those facts about Tynne~!
Lol-Pretzel Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2016
Will do more bits later. >.<
GoldenArpeggio Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2016
I asked for one, but I was unsure of which since I really liked those two. I coudl ask for more even, but it seems it would be too much xD Don't force yourself, dear! And many thanks for doing it!

Talking about more characters, Tynne was one, I'm glad to see other person asked for her. Quite an interesting story, didn't realize her humble origins. Which I loved, by the way, never thought of a Matoran waitress and even less on an inn, though they could be perfectly canon.

Really cool facts about Tolus, worth the tag. I love when someone takes a small detail never explained and justifies it with his own canon, just like you did in fact 7. And I really like to imagine Tolus with soft, old voice, coughing from time to time, while gently petting a giant eel <3
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